Originally from Oxfordshire, now on the south coast of England, not far from the beautiful and historic city of Portsmouth. I sometimes jokingly say that I was educated at Oxford, which is true, but not quite what the expression is mean't to convey.

Music has always been important to me, not formally, but as a means of escape with it's cathartic qualities, and I'm mostly self taught. Actually, anything artistic makes me comfortable. Drawing, painting, making. 

If I changed my employment description on my passport I'd probably change it to: Singer Songwriter, rather than musician. I can play the guitar, well enough I guess, but not well enough to regard myself as a guitarist.

Having ADHD is why it takes me a while to be comfortable around new people, can be a little awkward, and also probably why I am so creative. It is also the reason that writing music is important to me as it has a healing function, and why it has taken me so long to get the courage to start recording and performing.  I respect so completely everyone who is anxious and gets up at an open mic night, no matter what their level of ability, and stands on a stage performing. It takes real courage. 

In my school years I remember being regarded as not very bright, by people who didn't know me closely. I wasn't very socially comfortable. Now the ADHD explains so much. I left school with virtually no qualifications but as I got older in my early 20's I had an irrepressible urge to learn, and a thirst for knowledge, culminating in earning a degree in Law. 

Some song writers use their life experiences as the source of the inspiration for their lyrics. I do not, not even slightly, I am just a story teller, it's all pure fiction, another part of my creativity. 

I have far too many songs to record myself, and I am writing new material every week. Therefore I have decided to begin to collaborate and share the many songs I have written that do not have any lyrics as yet.

If you like the quality of my melodies but find it difficult to write music then please get in touch. There are some works I have produced that I don't have a story for, that deserve to be completed.  If you are the musician that can put the story to my unfinished songs please let me know by using the contact form available. I would be very grateful.

To come

I am currently working on recording the second album of the 8 albums I have already written the songs for, and which the record label is planning to release, which is really exciting. This is going to be called 'A Collection of Short Stories, Volume 2.' This is likely to be released June 2024, but will start to release some singles from the album before then.