Never give up on your dreams

I kept saying 'I will one day,' but that day never seemed to arrive. And then one day I said 'if not now then when?' So here I am, better late than never.

I'm not the weathered old 'rock die hard' that my appearance might suggest, this is quite new for me, and a fresh journey. However song writing has seemed to come naturally to me since as long as I can remember. And now, in the past few years, it has become my passion once again, and I have built a sizable repertoire.

Now this might sound a bit silly. The songs that I write appear to me like spirits might appear to a clairvoyant. I am just the medium through which they emerge from their other worldly hiding places. My fingers autonomously move over the guitar fretboard while I am deep in thought or half asleep, and I'll suddenly realise a new melody has appeared. They are then like children which I tenderly nurture and raise to maturity.

And for this reason I felt it important to find the courage to record them. I'm not very much of a wanna be rock star, I just want the songs and melodies to have a their chance to thrive. It feels like now that I am releasing them on CD and Online, I am also releasing them as in setting them free.

I sincerely hope you enjoy them.